Melissa took my idea of what I wanted for my logo and made it better than what I was imagining. She worked with me, offering ideas to help get it to the image that I want to portray for my business.

Kim R., Google Review, 2023

Melissa has an amazing talent for design. I recommend her without reservation. I truly appreciate this ❤️

Dr. Shamile B., Submitted through Email, 2022

I am really grateful for Melissa, she gave me some really great SEO information with her consultation for my website. I’m really excited in moving forward with her services.

M. W., Columbus, OH, Google Review, 2021

Melissa, you earned a review from me! Melissa is very professional and she works with her customer to deliver exactly what they want. She gives good advice and works with people like me, a primary care provider, who have no idea what they’re doing when it comes to websites and online marketing. She is easygoing and very laid back, and I’m thankful that she was recommended to me.

Jessica C. P., O’Fallon, IL, Google Review, 2022

Melissa and I met during an event…She showed me some work she completed for a mutual friend…She conducted research and put together a web presence analysis of my business. In this report she provided valuable information such as details on how web presence works, my ratings among competitors, and included suggestions on optimizing my presence in search results. The analysis will allow me to expand my reach to the preferred audience and take advantage of better advertising. Whether you’re new to entrepreneurship or you’ve been around for awhile, I highly suggest working with Delphinium Marketing.

Hannah C. South Charleston, WV, Google Review, 2023

I’m so happy I found Delphinium Marketing! They were able to get the job done. They even provided me with black and white versions of my logo. I was so impressed and feel they are very professional. If you need a logo done for your business, contact them today! You will not be disappointed tell you! 😀

LaToya S., Jacksonville, FL, Facebook Review, 2022

As someone that has worked side by side with Melissa, I can tell you that she is a Superstar in Marketing and Design. She is as capable of helping a small business owner as she is in contributing to a Fortune 500 company. Melissa is easy to work with and exceeds your expectations.

Mark D., Hurricane, WV, Facebook Review, 2015

I reached out to Melissa about creating and writing out an engagement strategy for me. I was really struggling with how and when to engage on social media with my audience. She did that and then some. She asked me questions that got me thinking about the gaps in my business. She didn’t judge me for it. What I received was more than I could ask for. I got an engagement strategy, post ideas, hashtag ideas, and more. Please don’t hesitate to get your marketing needs met here!

Cierre W., Kansas City, MO, 2022

I highly recommend Delphinium Marketing! Their online presence analysis is incredibly helpful. They do a full audit of your online presence, let you know where you could use improvement, and take the time to discuss it with you, too.

Ethan B, Berkely Springs, WV, 2023

Great news! The book laid out perfectly and so did the cover! Thank you very much for your talented work!

Mark D., Hurricane, WV, 2015

Five stars! Exactly what I’m looking for. Thank you!

Larry C., Little Rock, AR, 2015

Hi Melissa,

Just wanted to tell you that it is a pleasure working with you for all of our marketing needs. There has never been a time that you said you would do something and did not do for us. I wanted to take this time and tell you that we really appreciate your help with all of our offices. I wish all my employees were like you.

Kelly G., Denver, CO, 2013

I owe much if not most of my success to Melissa and her hard work at marketing. Most of the calls that I get are a direct result of Melissa’s work…Thank you Melissa! I wouldn’t be in business without all of your hard work, and that is a FACT!

Scott B., Minneapolis, MN, 2013

We are so glad we got to meet you face to face at the conference and witness how passionate you are about AAAC.

Your dedication to helping us be successful was so apparent and is appreciated more than we can say! We want you to know that we are mindful of the fact that God uses you as a major tool to bless us and so in return we pray for His blessing upon you as well!

Mark & Susan G., McKinney, TX, 2013

Melissa Dungey has worked at AAAC Support Services for three years, beginning her employment as our Communications Coordinator before quickly being promoted to National Marketing Director. In this position, Melissa reported to me and was responsible for managing the marketing of all 46 locations and overseeing the marketing department and team members.

Melissa is self-motivated, enthusiastic about achieving goals that she sets, highly organized, and attentive to small details. She always does her work to the best of her ability. Her quick promotion to National Marketing Director is an example of that.

Melissa has the ability to work through any problem and reach out to her resources to bring any project to completion. She is honest and hard working and best of all, she works smart.

Our marketing and sales have improved phenomenally under her creativity and leadership.

Mark E. Dotson
Chief Executive Officer-Retired
A All Animal Control Franchise System