6 Reasons Why Your Hair Salon Needs a Website

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Have you thought about getting a website for your hair salon, but don’t know how to get started or are wondering if it is even necessary?

Unless you’ve already got too many clients, you need a website. Here are 6 reasons why:

  1. Get found in local search results by potential clients. Think about it, what do you do when you are looking for a business, product, or service? Chances are, you do a Google search to find them. Your potential clients are no different. They’re going online to find a new hairstylist when they move to a new town, when their stylist goes out of business, and other times when they are looking for a new stylist. They may also see the sign for your salon and search online before even stopping in to your salon. It’s so important to be where your potential clients are searching.
  2. Get ahead of your competition. If you check out your competitors, you might be surprised how few independent salons are still without websites and of those that do have them, their websites don’t come up in local search very well. If they do show up in search, it’s often just for the specific salon name and not what potential clients are searching for, such as Hair Salon (insert city/state here) or wedding hairstylist. This is usually due to their website being created by a designer with no knowledge of what it takes to get a website to show up on page 1 of Google search for not only the business name, but the products and services it provides. This is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and a website built without it isn’t likely to do you much good.
  3. Upsell your products and services. For instance, a lot of salon customers don’t really know what all they offer, but if a customer visits your website, they can find a full listing of your products and services, as well as pages for individual services. You could also do blog posts featuring a product or service you want to offer that someone looking for just a haircut could see and choose to add a deep conditioning, facial waxing, manicure or other service your salon offers.
  4. Increase business for services you want to specialize in. Many of your customers may think that all you do is haircuts and color, when what you really want to specialize in or want to do more of, is special occasion hairstyles, facial waxing, perms, body waxing, manicures, hair coloring, or other service.
  5. Create trust. Even before a potential client meets you, your website can begin to create trust for you and your salon. This begins to happen when you show up in search results. A professionally designed website is a great first impression. From there, they can find the answers they are looking for, such as hours open and your location. A portfolio also goes a long way towards creating this trust. Your clients can see the work that you’ve done and feel more confident about going to your salon. Client testimonials are also very powerful.
  6. Directory listings are not enough. Some salons without websites do make an effort to get listed online. This is good, but the problem is that usually these listings are found to contain little information that a potential customer can use other than phone number and address, and are also found to be inconsistent in their listings. For instance, Delphinium recently cleaned up the online listings for one salon and found that the previous owner had it listed six different ways in various listings.

How much does a website cost?

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The average website from Delphinium costs $600+ for the website, content, and SEO. However, Delphinium would like to move into specializing in hair salon marketing and web design and is offering an incredible deal for a limited time. Get your whole website for $400, including all content and 3-Months of SEO at no additional cost to you. Host your website with Delphinium and take advantage of a monthly payment plan where you can spread the payments out over 12 months. 

With a payment plan, your first payment could be as low as $50 for your website and hosting.

The additional new clients gained and additional products and/or services sold due to having a professional website with a good online presence could easily cover the cost of having a website in the first year. 

What does a hair salon website include?

You’ll want to have a variety of pages including a homepage, an about page with your story and stylist profiles, a services page, a products page if you sell products, a portfolio (preferably using real client photos), and pages for at least 3 of your main services, such as haircuts, hair color, perms, and special occasion hairstyles. If you own more than one location, you want to have a page for each location, not a separate website. It should also include a Google map feature, salon hours, and client testimonials.

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