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Various images from Specialty Pets html website. He wanted some edits made to the website and a portfolio section added. The project involved finding pics for each fish and putting them on black backgrounds and fixing any imperfections in the images.

Delphinium was hired by Specialty Pets to add Portfolio pages to their existing HTML/CSS website.

This work entailed creating a Portfolio page with clickable thumbnail images and creating a page for each client. Each tank image had to have as much blue color cast removed as possible, as well as any glare and reflections.

Following this, public domain or Creative Commons images for all the fish, coral, and invertebrates were found. Each species was meticulously removed from the image and placed on a black background. Some species, such as the sea cucumber and engineer goby, needed areas filled in due to being covered by plants or rocks in the image. For other species, such as the montipora and bubble corals, one photo was used but the colors changed to show the different colored corals.

In addition to their Portfolio Pages, Expeditions is in the process of redesigning Specialty Pets main store website with a new look and responsive design.

Delphinium also posts daily to their Aquatic Auctions Facebook page.

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