Photoshop Photo Editing & Composites

Photo number one was a photo taken in Dunbar WV of an interestingly colored clouds and sky. The photo was then darkened and turned into a tornado. Elements of the photo were moved to appear as if damaged by the tornado. The Duck Silhouette is a combination of two photos taken at different spots in Dunbar, WV. The sun photo was taken by the Dunbar Bridge and had to have part of the bridge edited from the sun. The ducks were from a photo of ducks flying low in front of the Shawnee Park Mound. The collage was created to be a Facebook cover photo for a WV jewelry making business. The last photo of the dinosaur was created by individually photographing different aquarium plants and a dinosaur and then layering them in Photoshop. Red and purple coloring was added to the plants and the dinosaur. They were originally completely green. Shading was added to give the composite depth.

Dunbar WV Photo Editing
Dunbar WV Graphic Design
Dunbar WV Facebook Cover Image
Dinosaur Photo Composite Dunbar WV