The Benefits of Guest Blogging for College Students

By Jordan Bonte

Blog Writing Service Dunbar WVIf you enjoy writing and have a knack for it, you could benefit from being a guest blogger. Below are three reasons to write guest blog posts.

Become an Expert in Your Field of Study

The more you write about a topic, the more knowledge you will gain. If you write guest blog posts that contain great research for credible blogs, then over time you will become an expert in your field. The posts themselves will give you an opportunity to connect with people who may consider you for a job or to give your opinion on a topic for a nightly news story.

Network With Professionals

When you write a guest blog, you create relationships with people in your field, which could lead to future job opportunities. Guest blogging may also lead to additional opportunities such as blogging for companies that found out about you through other guest blog posts.

Melissa Dungey, the owner of Delphinium Marketing, says that “perhaps the most important benefit of guest blogging is that if a student is job hunting and a prospective employer Google’s their name, the blog with their name on it is likely to show up in search results. This helps to present a positive professional image online and published writings usually hold more weight with employers than school work.”

You Create An Audience

As you are writing guest blog posts for clients, you are getting new audiences who will see your work and lead them to reading your past work as well. The audience will also help you write better content, since you will get responses from people with different ideas. In addition to increasing your writing skills, your audience may make it easier for you to strengthen your area of expertise and are people you can consider when networking.

Students or recent graduates have the opportunity to write as a guest blogger for the company Delphinium Marketing located in Dunbar, WV. The company welcomes college students as well as recent graduates who majored or are majoring in Journalism, Public Relations, Communications, Marketing or other Businesses to create guest blog posts for the company.

The writer will create posts that would be of interest to small to mid-size business owners such as a post on media or business law, which could include a re-purposed past school assignment. The guest blogger will also have a small biography at the end of their post and each post will have their name on it. The length of the blog will need to be at least one hundred and fifty words long, but no more than 1200 words long. There will be no more than one guest post published each month. Those interested should contact Delphinium before submitting their first guest blog post.

Jordan Bonte is a freelance blogger for Delphinium Marketing. Jordan has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Digital Media from Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania. Jordan previously wrote for the online newspaper, The Guardian Liberty Voice and the content creation company, Triple Curve. Jordan enjoys writing and reading in her spare time.