The Intersection of Morality and Business Success

by Tepper Saffren

Cause Marketing Dunbar WVBusiness used to be the dirt of America that we wanted to sweep under the rug. Out of sight, out of mind. The place pound dogs went to tear each other apart for a better position, while the owners placed bets on their boy. Captivated by greed and power, there was no end to the brutality. And there weren’t many people willing to be whistle blowers for the immoral techniques of the time.

We have come a long way. Consumers want to believe their capitalistic tendencies will be fueling love and charity. They buy free range meat. They buy Toms to help someone else protect their feet (Check out this Adam Ruins Everything YouTube video on Tom’s). They buy free trade coffee. We want our dollars going to causes that protect people, the environment, and of course your business (as long as you too stand for what we stand for).

Sometimes it’s not enough just to have a good idea anymore. Success has become a byproduct of passion. Your company’s marketing needs to take a drive to The Intersection of Morality and Business Success.

What Do You Want?

And please don’t say to be rich. Your clients want to know what impact you want to make. What do you think the world needs to be a better place? As business owners and entrepreneurs, you have the capabilities to make a change. Not just the capabilities, a consumer responsibility. Your customers and potential customers want you to stand for something.

So what do you want to stand for? How does that connect and apply to your company? Look into these answers for ways to design your branding and marketing strategy.

Choose a Winning Horse

If you don’t already have something in mind that could give back, look at some of the tried and true movements people care about.

The Environment — This is huge. Look into reducing your carbon footprint, broadcasting the reductions and encouraging others to do the same.

Work Conditions and Fair Wage — Look back to the coal miners and why Workers Unions began in the first place. Be a company that cares about your employees. This will not only support your image, you may also find your employees want to give more back to the company that cares for them. More productivity and initiative is definitely in the books.

Charity Abroad — No doubt America’s got it pretty great. So why not advocate for those countries who have it far worse off.

How Will This Help My Company?

Once you’re backing a cause you believe in, be public about it. Let the consumers know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and what effect it will have. Let them be in on the initiative so they’ll feel like they are also helping this cause by giving you business.

No doubt word of mouth is huge these days. With review sites a plenty, good press is a requirement. That means keeping a good relationship with your clients. Respond to poor press and give recognition to good press. Retweet a generous tweet, while making sure you’re following through with any bad reviews. Try to save those relationships. Take complaints and concerns and try to fix the issues. They will appreciate your effort and your good business practices will spread.

Delphinium Marketing wants to help you find your passion and create a business that will start a movement your customers will want to hop on board with. Call 304-207-0795 for help with your small to mid-size business’ cause marketing in Sandyville, Parkersburg, Vienna, Ripley, Ravenswood, and nearby cities in WV.

Tepper Saffren is a cultivated eccentric and Delphinium’s primary freelance blog writer. A recent musical theatre graduate of Texas State University, Tepper Saffren writes, rambles, and reads in his Sandyville, WV home. You may often find him on Capitol Street in Charleston,WV with his lemonade-stand-type business — The Corner Office. Customers are served refreshing cups of music, poetry, and dialogue. Come say hello. He’d love to hear from you.